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 The vision

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PostSubject: The vision   Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:20 pm

To have an internet gathering place were fellowship and growth in faith and maturity in Christ are the priority. A place were individuals are not intimidated, oppressed or discouraged by theology, doctrine, dogma,denominational doctrines, legalism, or spiritual elitism. A place (like the theme song for the sitcom "Cheers" says; "Where everybody knows your name"). A place where it's about individuals and living in the reality of living a daily life on the narrow path. Aplace were intgrety, honesty sincerity, detication, commitment mean more than titles, positons, education, credentials or theologcal prowess.

A place were when one speaks out they know who will be seeing their words. A place were when one answers a question they to whom they respond.
A place were the seeker feels at home with the mature in faith. A place were the only Lord is Christ Jesus.
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The vision
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